Golf at the highest level is very much left right up down slow fast deceleration accelerastion inside outside.

Reasons golfers with golf swings that produce straight ball flights or develop performance drops come from incorrect grip, posture, alignment or ball positions along with incorrect course management. not because their golf swings do not produce a straight ball flight or their shaft angle is across the line at the top or their downswing is on top of the path going up or swinging left of the target. but because their golf swing hits the ball where they are aimed but they are not aiming at the target or the correct target.

their mind says, “hey” their is something wrong with my golf swing or equipment or fitness or whatever. when simply because they were not aimed at the target. they did everything they were suppose to do except lining up to the target correctly.


Flights - zero degrees

Positions - +/- /1000”

15 degree 4.PNG